A Dinner Party With Heineken Beer Cocktails

I don’t know when I first fell in love with dinner parties. There isn’t a single moment that I can recall early on in my childhood. Actually, I think Jamaican culture is the anti-dinner party. (I enjoy this equally.)

What I do know is that dinner parties are the perfect blend of everything I love: food, cocktails, great company, music and ambience. There is something cinematic about the whole experience. Chef Francis Mallmann likens it to theatre and I couldn’t agree more. Each element is simple, but it comes together in the most magical way.

When Heineken approached us about doing a beer dinner late summer,  I was ecstatic. I’ve only used beer in cocktails a few times and I was up for the challenge. The night was incredible and the video captured it really well.

In case you're wondering, I'm posting this on January 1, because I'm manifesting more dinner parties this year!

Here are the cocktails that we created for the event:

Easy Skankin' Shandy - heineken, barritt's ginger beer, fresh lime juice (This was the easiest thing to create and an overwhelming favorite. Shout out to all the minimalists.)

OFH - heineken, heavy whiskey barrel bitters, bulleit rye, sugar, orange peel

Dutch 73 - gin, fresh lemon juice, honey syrup, heineken top

I might create a separate post with the recipes if anyone is interested. 

Happy New Year!