Where Do Good Ideas Go?

At least once a month I go through this aging crisis of not knowing what I’m supposed to do in life. It starts innocently enough...I’m moseying along my day, then all of a sudden a new big idea strikes and then utter and total confusion takes over me.

I sink into this little pit where I allow myself to fall apart and then I bug those closest to me with the following thoughts and comments: I don’t know what I’m good at. What do you think I’m good at? I want to write and combine art, food, and culture, but I don’t know what to do. What should I do?

A week later the innocent loves in my life are hit with the inevitable: I’ve finally figured it out! Then they’re treated to some trimmed down version of how I’ve combined art, food and culture. At this point, some of them laugh. Others scowl, surely wishing they could just squish my brain together so that my thoughts would turn off.

It’s never that I don’t know. I’ve realized that my problem is that my big picture thinking gets in the way of the details. I have entirely too many ideas and the thought of losing them makes me a bit nutty so I feel like I have to do it all now. (I know you’re thinking, “Why doesn’t she just write them down?”)

So this is where I am today:

  1. I really have figured it out this time! I’m going to focus for the year on curating great exhibits in the space. Each exhibit will also have a dinner party. We’ve lined up six amazing shows and six dinners. Simple enough. More details coming soon.

  2. Idea Folder. I now have a place that I can write down any ideas that come my way. If it doesn’t have anything to do with an exhibit or a dinner party, it’s going in the idea folder.

  3. Saying no. I’ve created a personal mission and vision statement for myself and I’m saying no to anything that doesn’t fit it. Sorry in advance to anyone out there that was thinking of asking me for something outside of this.

  4. Routine. I’ve set a pretty tight schedule from 5am-9am to keep me on track of my goals. (This is followed by a nap, clearly).

I think that about covers it. If I freak out next month, don’t judge me! I think I’m good for the year though.